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Key takeaways from our “Energy Efficiency First: Walk the talk!” event

On the 21 October 2021, EERAdata had the chance to participate in the joint online event with two other Horizon 2020 projects (ENEFIRST and sEEnergies) as part of the extended programme of EUSEW 2021 (EU Sustainable Energy Week).

Energy Efficiency First (E1st) is a major principle of the Energy Union to achieve carbon neutrality with an energy transition delivering multiple benefits to society. E1st is still a recent concept that can be challenging to appropriate: it has yet to move from theory to practice.

This event aimed to provide the participants with a concrete understanding of what implementing E1st means and can achieve, and to discuss difficulties encountered and how they can be overcome, from local to EU level. The session discussed the potentials that can be achieved by implementing the Energy Efficiency first principle, and examples of approaches illustrating how such potentials can be achieved in buildings.

Our speakers prepared great presentations – you can find them all together here.

Separately: Maciej Grzeszczyk’s presentation. Andres Lyngtorp’s presentation. Sebastian Botzler’s presentation. Senta Schmatzberger’s presentation. Brian Vad Mathiesen’s presentation.

Alternatively, you can watch the webinar recording.

See full agenda here.

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