EERAdata Decision Support Tool

EERAdata has been working with 3 pilot local authorities to create a Decision Support Tool to identify building stock that could be upgraded to be more sustainable and energy efficient. The tool includes five different modules to complete an analysis of energy efficiency building potential. Watch our video to learn more about each module and about the importance of energy efficiency in building renovation. For more in-depth insights into the tool and its modules, read our practical guide, watch our video tutorials or test our demo.

About EERAdata

EERAdata aims to accelerate the implementation of the Energy Efficiency first principle across Europe by supporting policy-makers to effectively assess the impacts of EE investments, with an initial focus on investments in buildings, in order to achieve a highly energy efficient and decarbonised building stock.

EERAdata Impact

EERAdata brings together researchers, energy agencies and municipalities from 6 EU countries who have collaborated for over two and a half years to inform investment decisions and improve energy efficiency in buildings.

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